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Elective Program Sign Ups

Posted Date: 2/15/24 (5:20 PM)

Dear JCS Families-

It is time for the K-3 children to choose an Elective for the JCS Elective Program.  As mentioned, Electives will take place last period (2:40pm) on five Fridays from March 1st to April 2nd (excluding Mar. 15, Early Release).  Children will stay in their one chosen elective for all five sessions.  Courses are being taught by JCS staff, NPS administrators, JCS parents, and NHS students.  The goals of the Elective Program include offering our students a motivating form of choice, providing an opportunity for teachers to try something new, and allowing children an opportunity to work in engaging multi-age groups.  All K-3 students will be in an elective class.


  1. Please click on the link below and read through all of the courses with your child.

  2. Pick ONE that they really want.

  3. REMEMBER, there are so many kids signing up that getting your first choice is not likely.  Be prepared with a second and third choice.

  4. Also, remember that TEACHERS have the final say, so kids will find out for sure what their elective is before March 1st.

  5. Once you have made a choice, SUBMIT only ONCE per child.  Please do NOT go back and submit a different choice later.  There will be time to make adjustments.

Here is the link to the Elective Program/Choice Form: 

Forms need to be completed by Monday, February 26th, at which point teachers will finish.  

Please email your teacher or Dr. Marcus with any questions.

Thank you,

Dr. Marcus and Ms. Callanan